"What sets him apart from a number of playwrights who have made their impact on the contemporary television theatre is his insight into the great central truth that all true drama grows out of character... He has the rare gift of inhabiting his people; he has visited them in the secret caverns of head and heart. The twin and dangerous gifts of intuition and observation, harmoniously teamed with, ensure the vitality of his characters; the third gift, which is artistry, sets them in motion, weaving the complex patterns of inter-related behaviour which we recognise with delight as the subtle rhythm of humanity." Maurice Wiggin, Sunday Times

My Representative
An Armchair Theatre Production, 1960 Directed by Basil Coleman
Cast: Helen Cherry, Lawrence Hardy, Paul Massie

Strangers in the Room
An Armchair Theatre Production 1961 Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
Cast: Wilfred Lawson, Sian Phillips, Donald Houston and Richard Pascoe

Blue and White
An Armchair Theatre Production 1963 Directed by Philip Saville Produced by Sydney Newman
Cast: James Villiers, Frances White, and David Saire

An Anglia Televsion Production for ITV, 1968 Three plays directed by John Jacobs

• The Photographer
Cast: Robert Stephens, Derek Jacobi, Susannah York 
'...a basically weak and selfish characer wriggling with conviction...the dialogue was perfect.' Daily Mail
‘Literate and caustically written.’
The Time

The Explorer
Cast: Michael Bryant, Francesca Annis, Honor Blackman 'Kenneth Jupp's "The Explorer" shows him to be a natural dramatist, a born maker of fine things...his tone of voice in the play is not unlike that of Mr Graham Greene in the novel. His people are all too human, their dimensions neither intimidating nor pathetic, and within their sculptured skulls there rattle thoughts that have their origin in the irrefutable illogic of real life.'
Sunday Times

The Tycoon
Cast: Ian Hendry, Gabrielle Drake, Michael Pennington
'We have come to expect some of the finest modern drama from Anglia Television, but last night they excelled themselves...I can't remember when characters have come over with such intensity. Their pasts, their motivations, hopes and fears were all revealed with an economy of dialogue which bared their very souls.'
Daily Mail

Money with Menaces
Adaptation of Frederick Forsyth’s thriller
An ITV production 1973
Directed by Phillip Saville
Cast: Donald Churchill

A Girl in Gold Shoes
A London Weekend Television production 1977
Directed by John Gorrie
Cast: Louis Dane, Dinsdale Landon, Julian Glover

Dreams are the Worst
Medicus Productions for C4. 1985
Directed by Philip Saville
Cast: Peter Chelsom, Larry Lamb, Mark Wing-Davey and Belinda Sinclair
The 30-minute comedy-drama tells the story of a disabled young man's attempts to re-integrate himself into society after a serious car crash.
"a delightful and thought-provoking mini-drama...Mr Jupp ladled several table-spoons of black comedy into a conscience-stirred mixture of theatre and social comment to produce a thoroughly original confection." ITVA Award of Excellence.

The Big Knife
Adaptation of Clifford Odets' play.
Produced by American Playhouse for PBS. 1988
Directed by John Jacobs
Cast: Peter Gallager, Irene Worth, Stubby Kaye


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