A Chelsea Trilogy - Calder & Boyars, London 1969

The Socialites - Coward-McCann, New York 1961
Jupp, Duncan, Kops - Three new plays from England
Three Plays by Ronald Duncan, Kenneth Jupp and Bernard Kops.
"The range of contemporary society is examined  - from clubman to peddlers in the East End - in these three new plays from England which illustrate and demonstrate the exciting changes in the contemporary theatre. A unique entry in the drama field, no other present volume contains the work of three such varied talents from England, talents which have been hailed at home and which this volume should help to establish in the United States."

Echo - A Novel 
Little Brown, 1980
Andre Deutsch 1981
Gallimard Press 1981 Translated as "On Tue Aussi Les Anges"

No one knew why Carol Berenson had been hitch-hicking in Coldwater Canyon at 2 a.m. She was rich and beautiful; her father was rich and powerful; California's elite didn't usually get stranded that way. Carol got her lift, but the trip ended in

nightmare. She was raped and beaten and left for dead. When she was found next morning, Carol Berenson had lost her mind.
A year later, Steve Rice - pop superstar - arrives in California. He and his entourage are invited to a party at J. P. Berenson's mansion. Adrift in a world of drugs and fame and broken connections, Steve doesn't recognise Carol, nor does he remember where he last met her - a lapse which proves tragic. For J. P. Berenson has sworn to restore his daughter's sanity at any cost and Steve is an essential part of a cure that will echo the brutal events of a year before.
Ingeniously constructed around the myth of Narcissus, whose love for his own image led him to his doom, this taut and gripping novel is a brilliant investigation of obsession, guilt and wanton violence.


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